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Let me first introduce myself, I am a singer and composer with more than 25 years of artistic career and I can say, fortunately, that the voice has been my instrument of life, immense and intense joys and fantastic and beautiful challenges. That thanks to her I have been able to travel a thousand roads and countries, as well as to have the most precious gift of all, the affection and respect of the public, or rather, of my accomplices, because that support is the great stimulus to continue and because without a doubt , Through a song, share a thousand emotions, joys, sorrows and reflections.


I have recorded more than 10 albums with extraordinary musicians and composers, and I have proudly counted on the recognition of critics of my country, as well as the Grammy, with a nomination as a songwriter and the selection of Billboard as one of the best artists of the year 2008, in which I publish my album COINCIDENCIAS.


After all these years full of great experiences it is wonderful to be able to corroborate that every day you have the opportunity to reach your dreams and the best thing is that also every day you learn something new.


My beginnings ...


I started my career very young and without any experience in front of the public, I was just starting my studies of Art at the Central University of Venezuela, without leaving my studies at the Music Conservatory Juan Jose Landaeta, when a simple demo, which I had done with A friend and now renowned jazz pianist Silvano Monasterios, came to the hands of Alvaro Serrano, producer of what would become the most important record of his time in my country, Fonotalento.


And then I recorded with them my first album A FLOR DE PIEL. From there, the themes began to open a thousand doors and paths for me, taking me to sing all my country,  Venezuela, to record other albums with prestigious producers and composers of my country, and to sing and also to record in Colombia, in the USA And in Brazil together with the great producer and composer Roberto Menescal, the album titled AMANDO.


After that stage of my career as an interpreter I dared to seriously embark on another field of fascinating music, that of composition, which made a turn to my life and took me to stay in the US, when I signed in 2002 with Universal Music Publishing a contract as a composer. Which in turn required me to learn more about what it is to record and produce every song I created for the publisher and for other artists.


Apart from that, I also had the opportunity to explore other fantastic works with the voice, performing important locutions and voiceover for different companies and films, as well as being able to become the official Latin American voice for Discovery Chanel.


In this sharing, in a new land and with artists from different cultures, I was presented with the opportunity to teach a colleague some tips to sing and take care of her voice. From there, I had the joy of receiving every day a new student with the immense desire to make their voice their instrument of life.


And then I discovered a new passion, that of teaching!


From then until today, and after more than 10 years, I have been able not only to share my experience and knowledge about that unique and extraordinary living instrument that is the voice. If not I have been able to discover in each student a teacher who challenges me to explore techniques, invent others and explore unique ways to help develop that individual and personal talent that each being is.

Every note of my students is a triumph for them and for me! I think I'm sure I can say that since I started teaching, my own learning has not stopped, which has given me the unparalleled pleasure of achieving with my voice what I want when singing or interpreting a theme. And that's just what I'm looking for in each of my students. The unparalleled satisfaction of reaching the notes, the nuances and the personal interpretation, of a beautiful theme or message that we wish to share, with the ever magical and unrepeatable sound of our voice. The most wonderful musical instrument, versatile and alive that exists ... the voice!



Luz Marina Anselmi L

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